Religion apps | What the Tech?

Religion apps | What the Tech?

Looking at your phone during religious services used to be frowned upon but now some apps may promote that.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WHAT THE TECH?) — Not long ago, looking at your phone in church was frowned upon. Today, a lot of people are using phones and tablets during worship services.

Following the bible readings, tweeting, tithing and other purposes.

The YouVersion Bible apps have been installed over 760 million times. Created and developed by Life Church 15 years ago, YouVersion delivers a verse of the day when you first open the app.

The app offers guided Bible studies and 3,000 Bible versions in over 2,000 languages. There are over 30,000 Bible plans and devotionals. You can search by topic.

LifeChurch says around 12 million people use the app every day.

You may have seen a commercial for the “Hallow” prayer app during the Super Bowl starring actor Mark Wahlberg. Hallow emphasizes Christian and Catholic prayer and meditation. It has over 10,000 sessions of audio-guided prayers, morning and evening routines and daily Bible readings.

A running tally shows over 412 million prayers have been prayed with the app.

Hallow works closely with the Catholic Church to make sure the content is in line with church teaching.

Many other churches have their own smartphone apps. Embracing technology to make church and teachings more accessible for people to join services from anywhere in the world who can join services and communities with just a tap on the screen.

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