Sleep tech | What the Tech?

Sleep tech | What the Tech?

It's Sleep Awareness Week so we're showing you some tech to help you sleep better.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WHAT THE TECH?) — Many of us use either white noise machines or apps that play soothing sounds through an app to help us fall asleep.

There’s no need for either of those things with this mattress. The Beyond Sleep mattress has sub-woofers built inside. It’s called the VibraSonic bed. Memory Foam makes for a comfortable night’s sleep, and the bed is adjustable. Raise your head, your feet, or choose the anti-gravity setting.

What really sets it apart is the sound.

The subwoofers and satellite speakers can play sounds from a smartphone app or connect to a TV. It also has several massage settings.

It’s being marketed to gamers who’ll feel every sound as a pulse in the mattress. Explosions and car chases play through the mattress for a 4D-type gaming experience.

Watching an action movie, it’s like surround sound you can feel.

If you sleep hot and your partner is always cold, the Perfectly Snug mattress topper has an air conditioner and heater built in. Set one side at warm or hot, and the other at cool or cold.

The Perfectly Snug topper blows air through the mesh. You can see the air move through the fitted sheet.

The app can schedule warm air when you first get in bed, cool things down when you fall asleep, and warm things up again just before you wake up.

Tech might not only help you sleep, but make you never want to get out of bed.

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