Small companies with big ideas | What the Tech?

Small companies with big ideas | What the Tech?

Small companies are making a mark with big ideas at CES. Here is a selection of them.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WHAT THE TECH?) — New technology unveiled at CES in Las Vegas could soon be in your home, phone or office.

For some companies, CES is a chance to show off what could soon be on the market. For startups, it is an opportunity to attract investors.

Startups are pretty capital-intensive. Investors are always good so Eureka Park brings together inventors with big ideas.

John Merenda’s company Power1, launched its latest product at CES. They are modules that connect to iPhones for storage, power, and ports. He’s at CES to get the word out ahead of a crowd-funding campaign.

Other technologies include glasses to assist the blind, audio earrings and oddities like PlantPetz, which make plants interactive.

There is groundbreaking AI technology and lots and lots of robots.

If they’re fortunate, they’ll be invited to meet with investors and large companies set up in nearby hallways. That is where they make deals.

Amfitrack is from Denmark. Their chips and technology are used by other companies to motion track fingers, arms, and legs in their own products.

CES puts them in front of companies that could very well implement it in products you’ll use at home or work.

It’s too early to say it’s going to happen but we have more than 200 leads to follow.

When the companies return home they will follow up on those leads, hoping something big happens in the coming year. Many of them though will be back next year to try again.