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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WHAT THE TECH?) — When you’re trying to save money on a new phone, most of us look at the phone number (e.g., iPhone 15) but you should look at another number.


Choosing the wrong amount of smartphone storage can cost you hundreds of dollars for something you’ll never use.

For example, a 128 GB iPhone 15 is $800, 256 GB is $900 and 512 GB is $1100.

How do you know how much storage you need? Do you record 4K videos and take photos in RAW format? Play a lot of video games? You still may not need to upgrade storage.

For example, with a 256 GB iPhone 14 Pro, shooting videos and downloading plenty of apps over the course of the year, there is still 60 GB left to use.

If you stream music and video, use the Cloud for photos, and don’t have a handful of video games, you don’t need to upgrade storage.

A phone with 128 GB can store an hour of 4K video, a thousand songs, 100 apps, 20 movies and 900 photos.

Here’s another reason not to pay for more storage than you need: When you trade in the phone, the companies don’t take into account the amount of storage it has. A 1 TB (1000 GB) smartphone has the same trade-in value as a 128 GB version.

You wouldn’t rent a storage unit across town if you didn’t have stuff to put in it. Don’t pay for storage you don’t need for your smartphone.

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