Spring clean your smartphone | What the Tech?

Spring clean your smartphone | What the Tech?

As you spring clean your windows, floors and all around your house, don't forget your smartphone!

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WHAT THE TECH?) — It’s a techie-kind-of cleaning. You don’t even have to put on your shoes. Grab your smartphone and in 30 minutes, your phone will be just like new.

Over time, your phone gets cluttered with stuff you don’t want or need. Like that mysterious “other” category you might see when you connect your phone to the computer.

The first step is opening settings and storage to review those large attachments taking up space. These are videos, photos, and gifs that people send you in text messages. Review them and delete the ones you don’t need. You can also delete text messages that are older than a year with just one tap.

Back in settings, see which apps are taking up the most storage space. On an Android device, it’s in “device management”.

Social media apps take up a lot of storage space. So do music apps that download songs to the device. The easiest way to clear all this out is to delete the app. You won’t lose anything by deleting the Facebook app. Just re-install it to clear out the storage.

Make sure you know your password before you do it though.

Just like you do with clothes you haven’t worn in a year, delete any apps you no longer use. On an iPhone, swipe to the end of the home screen and tap “app library”. On an Android device, it’s “settings” and “App storage”. Delete free apps you don’t use. Those are constantly tracking your activity and some continue running even when you’re not using them.

When you’re finished with those four steps, restart your smartphone. You’ll have more room for photos you take, and it’ll run faster.

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