Stolen refund checks | What the Tech?

Stolen refund checks | What the Tech?

If you're waiting for your refund check to come in the mail, heed this warning.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WHAT THE TECH?) — Tax refund checks average a little over $3,000 – and in just 2 seconds, the check can be gone without the victim knowing it.

Police say bad guys will follow mail delivery trucks. Seconds after the dropoff, the crooks pull up, grab what’s in the mailbox and take off.

They’ll change the name on the check and cash it. Victims don’t report it right away because they never knew it was delivered.

If you’re getting a refund from the IRS, keep an eye on its website for when it’ll be delivered. will give you a heads-up when to expect it. You’ll just enter your social security number and filing status along with the exact amount of the refund.

You can also download the IRS app, IRS-2-Go for updates.

If you haven’t done it already, sign up for the Postal Services’ Informed Delivery. You’ll get an email every morning about what mail is going to be delivered that day. Grayscale photos or scans of every piece of mail that’s out for delivery to your mailbox.

If a piece doesn’t make it to your mailbox, you can report it missing. It’s also a quick way to place a hold on deliveries if you’re going to be out of town.

The FBI urges people to sign up for their address because if they don’t, the bad guys can register your home and get notifications of what’s coming to your mailbox.

It isn’t just refund checks the bad guys are after. The Postal Service and the FBI warn that crooks are looking for any personal information, and just one piece of mail, like a bank statement, can include everything they need to steal your identity.

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