Website cookies explained | What the Tech?

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WHAT THE TECH?) — You may have noticed a lot more cookies when you’re browsing websites but it’s not the Oreo kind.

Should you accept these cookies?

You don’t have a choice but to accept some cookies in order to view the site. You can also decline non-essential cookies used for marketing or targeting, and social media cookies.

Cookies are bits of computer code that websites leave on your computer and devices. Part of the reason is convenience and will keep you logged in after you leave and pick up where you left off. They’re also used to sell advertising.

You might think of them as ‘cookie crumbs’ as in leaving a trail.

Six years ago the European Union began requiring websites to ask for permission to leave cookies behind. And that’s why you’re seeing the notifications.

There are some cookies you should never accept.

Cookies on sketchy websites that aren’t encrypted to protect your information. Click on the icon next to the search bar to see if it’s secure.

You also want to reject cookies from 3rd parties since you don’t know what those 3rd parties are and what they do your information.

To set your mind at ease: cookies on reputable websites are no big deal. Safari and the Firefox browsers banned the use of third-party cookies and Google says it will follow suit sometime in the next year.

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