Zoom gadget gifts | What the Tech?

Zoom gadget gifts | What the Tech?

People are still getting together for meetings on Zoom so you might want to consider these gadget gift ideas.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WHAT THE TECH?) — Many people have returned to the office but Zoom meetings are here to stay, as the platform reported over 800 million users earlier this year.

Here are a few gadgets that will not improve your next Zoom meeting but make for great holiday gifts.

If you’re using a laptop, raise the bar of video by raising the computer. Stands bring the camera to eye level and leave the ceiling out of the shot altogether.

Some are very portable while others are a little heavier and made to keep on your desk.

The Edge Light from Lume Cube uses a diffuser to keep the light from being too harsh. It has multiple brightness levels and temperatures, like soft amber which is more flattering than bright white.

It can not only shine straight down on the desk for work but it’s easily moveable to use as a video meeting light.

You’ve seen terrible Zoom meetings from people who don’t want you to see the mess behind them. It almost never looks good unless you have a green screen – but who wants that taking up space in your home?

The Elgato collapsable green screen hides away until you need it. Just flip the case open and pull upward.

It’s broadcast quality, like one from Amazon for about $160. A little pricey but it makes a big difference and is good if you want to look your best and block your mess when doing video meetings.

With these gadget gifts, your loved ones will look better in their Zoom meetings.

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