13-year-old boy’s goodie bags lift health care workers’ spirits

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — A 13-year-old boy is utilizing his free time to help lift the spirits of health care workers right here in our area.

Zane Anderson loads up every goodie bag with a few snacks that provide energy and a kind message, which can be the perfect pick-me-up after a tough day.

“Health care workers are dealing with a lot and they still are,” he said. “It’s not over.”

Since September, Zane has been dropping off 100 goodie bags a month to health care workers at UNM Hospital.

“I take some time out of my schedule, which really is pretty empty, to help someone else,” he said, “and to me, that’s something that I think everyone should be doing.”

The giving doesn’t stop at goodies, as he also lends an ear.

“They had been dealing with a really angry patient that day and that bag had helped them have a much better day,” he recalled.

All of this is thanks to donations from Zane’s family and friends. People in the community also helped him write those thank you notes and some elementary students even joined in.

A project, which started as something for the National Honor Society, has grown into so much more – and knowing he’s made their day a little better has made all the difference.

“I’m really proud of myself that I’m able to do something that not everyone my age would be able to do,” Zane said.

He also added the packaging he uses can be recycled.