Albuquerque HR expert explains quiet hiring and firing

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — We’ve heard of new workplace trends, such as the Great Resignation and quiet quitting. Now we can add quiet hiring and firing.

Quiet hiring is when an organization consolidates its workload and requires someone to do more work than what they were first hired to do.

Quiet firing is limiting your scope within the organization in hopes that you will leave and can be the sign of a bad manager.

If you suspect your workplace is quietly hiring or firing you, look for these signs:

  • Ask, “How often can we check in to ensure I don’t get overwhelmed?”
  • Ask how long the extra responsibilities will go on for
  • Look for signs of being left out of email or meetings or feeling unwelcome on your team

If you notice these things, talk with your manager and keep open communication.

Albuquerque HR expert Heather Talamante fleshes out this information, what protections workers have and more in the video above.