Chat GPT and AI’s expansive features | What the Tech?

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WHAT THE TECH?) — The fastest-growing website in the world is Chat GPT, an artificial intelligence site that can create, write and research anything you ask it to.

You can also combine Chat GPT with other AI applications and a forthcoming Apple feature could make for some interesting conversations.

Recently, we showed you the voice recording platform from the Acapela Group. You record yourself saying random phrases and words. Then, Acapela saves it in a voice bank.

After processing, someone can type out what they want to say and have it read back in their voice. Its primary function is to help and reassure patients who lost their ability to speak.

What if you could use the technology for other reasons? Maybe create a presentation using Chat GPT and have your own voice present it?

Here’s another possibility: A child logs on to a parent’s computer and calls the school to say they’re sick.

This isn’t likely to happen with my own voice but other companies offer artificial voice technology to create deep fakes.

Apple is expected to release its own version in an upcoming update where Siri can read anything you type – in your own voice.

Cyber security experts say there are privacy concerns with the technology, specifically if someone manages to steal voice recordings from websites and devices.