Classics benefit during Hollywood strikes | What the Tech?

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WHAT THE TECH?) — The Hollywood strikes are now in its fourth month and the classics are an unlikely beneficiary in this battle.

There’s a reason a TV show is considered a classic. They were good for their time.

Still, shows like Gilligan’s Island, Bewitched, and Charlie’s Angels are popular again.

TV theme songs that have stuck in your head for 50 years or more. Viewers are humming along to them again.

According to Fast Company and the research group “Qloo”, viewers are tuning in again to vintage or retro content.

Perhaps, that’s because of the writer’s and actors’ strikes but there are other factors.

Streaming services YouTube TV, Hulu, and Netflix have raised prices recently. Plus, the library and quality of shows free services offer have improved.

Tubi, Pluto, FreeVee, the Roku Channel, and Crackle have half a century of classic TV comedies and dramas at their fingertips.

Tubi, which has 250 free live channels, reports it hit 74 million monthly active users last month. Meanwhile, Pluto TV has seen its viewership jump by 70%.

You won’t get every episode of every show, and audio and video quality isn’t what you’ve come to expect from Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon but all are free.

Just know that you may get about a minute and a half of commercials before, during, and after shows.

Which of the free services offers the best selection of classic TV shows? That’s a matter of taste of course.

If you’re curious and don’t want to scroll through the listings, you can find almost a complete list of classic TV shows and where to find them by clicking here.

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