Father’s Day gift ideas | What the Tech?

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WHAT THE TECH?) — Father’s Day is next weekend and it’s safe to say dads love gadget gifts, especially if it enhances their big-screen TV time.

Luckily for you, there are some affordable gift options for Dad.

A home theater requires a big-screen TV. There are endless choices from many brands. If you’re looking for a big screen for Dad, try to stick to TVs that are OLED or QLED.

Hold off on Save some money and pick a 4K TV, with a high refresh rate, and lots of HDMI ports.

4k TVs look great but they sound, just okay. TVs are so thin it’s hard to put good speakers in them.

You need a sound system and, thankfully, there are lots to choose from.

Roku loaned us their sound system. The Streaming Bar Pro has ROKU built in, so he doesn’t need a streaming stick. It comes with a voice-search remote control.

The sound is far better than what we got from the TV speakers and is the first component to add to a media room.

It isn’t a complete surround sound system but the Streambar Pro does have great sound that adds crisp audio with a lot more depth.

The second piece in a surround sound system adds a feel to what you’re watching: A subwoofer.

ROKU’s Wireless Bass Pro connects to the soundbar over Bluetooth and took only a couple of minutes to connect. That makes a difference in where it can be placed in the room.

A subwoofer is a must-have for deeper sounds such as thunder, rockets taking off, and jet engines.

Finally, we add a pair of rear speakers that prioritizes sound effects like music, and rain falling. These are also wireless.

Did we mention how great it is to eliminate wires in your home?

Once it’s all put together, it sounds like a movie theater experience.

Surround sound systems can cost thousands of dollars. These components cost between $150 and $180 so you can add them one at a time.

Maybe one for Father’s Day, his birthday and Christmas?