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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WHAT THE TECH?) — Not everyone’s brain works the same way and some of us need help with some tasks more than others which is where “Goblin Tools” can be handy.

The app lays out small, simple, single-task tools in ways that help you break it down step-by-step.

For example, Magic To Do simplifies tasks by giving step-by-step directions for what you want to do.

Enter what you’re working on, like “how to do laundry.” Then, “Spicy” peppers in-app let you choose how detailed you need your instructions.

After that, hit “Enter.”

Goblin will give you a list and the order you should do them. If you need help on a step, tap an icon to break it down even further.

Enter anything. For example, “How do you create a YouTube video?” Goblin breaks down any task into manageable steps.

It’s great for people who have trouble staying on task or who are easily distracted.

Does a message sound condescending, or could it be taken the wrong way? The Judge detects the tone in the text you have written or what you’ve received. It’s helpful for those who have trouble picking up on social cues.

The Formalizer takes sentences and paragraphs and makes them sound more professional, formal, or casual.

The Estimator will also show you approximately how long a task will take to complete.

The Compiler takes braindumps and breaks them up into a list of manageable tasks.

Also, if you use the Chef tool, you can enter what food is in your fridge or pantry and it’ll show what you can make with just those ingredients.

This app is brand new and the developer says these are just the first six tools. They’re working on others.

The app is just 99 cents for a one-time purchase, not per month. It’s for iPhone and Android.

You can also try Goblin Tools without downloading the app by clicking here.

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