Guarding against porch pirates | What the Tech?

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WHAT THE TECH?) — With Amazon holding special shopping days and competition from Target and Walmart, you’ll have to watch for porch pirates.

We’ve all seen the videos. Seconds after someone delivers a package, package bandits run up, grab what they can, and run off again.

Last year, thieves stole about a quarter of a billion packages this way, totaling around $20 billion.

It happens so fast, they might even get there before the resident inside answers the doorbell.

How can you stop something like that?

When you make an online purchase, look carefully at the delivery options. Depending on the item, they can drop off Amazon purchases in an Amazon Locker, usually inside a business. After delivering it, they’ll send you a notification. Then, you just walk up, scan a QR code and pick up your purchase.

Amazon offers “in-home, key delivery”. You’ll need one of these garage door openers and a security camera.

The delivery driver will open your garage, drop off the package inside and closes the door behind them.

If you’re at work during the week, you can choose a day when you’ll be home. Amazon Day Delivery also uses fewer boxes and you’ll often get Amazon credit for a digital book, movie or music.

What happens if your package is stolen? Amazon’s A-Z guarantee protects purchases. On its website, Amazon says you should wait 48 hours. Then, you have 30 days to file a claim where your order will be refunded or shipped again.

Police tell me, if you have a doorbell camera that captures a so-called porch pirate, share it with police when you file a report. Post it to social media and in any neighborhood groups you belong to too. If you see something suspicious around those delivery trucks, call the police.

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