How much is your Barbie worth? | What the Tech?

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WHAT THE TECH?) — Little girls may have dreamed of playing with a princess Barbie doll, but many parents dreamed of making money off of the collectible toys.

If you have some old Barbie dolls, you’ve wondered how much they’re worth. Some are now valued at hundreds of dollars and some over $1,000.

You can visit dozens of websites to find out but one of the best ways to get a good idea is using a feature you probably have on your phone right now.

In the Google app, you can search for your Barbie doll by typing in the name. But you may not know the name of a random Barbie like these. Near the Google search bar is a camera icon that opens “Google Lens” which searches by image.

Aim your camera at the doll and snap. Then, Google searches across the internet for the image. And does pretty well. If Barbie is wearing the clothes she came with, Google Lens locates it quickly on Etsy and eBay. This 90s-era Barbie is for sale on eBay. and this Limited Edition Emerald Barbie is for sale for $95.

That’s the listing price. To find out what they’ve sold for on eBay, filter by “sold” to see what people have actually paid.

Google Lens works with other collectibles too, like baseball cards and Beanie Babies. Of course, the value also depends on condition and accessories. Still, it’s an easy way to identify which Barbie you have.

One interesting thing I found while researching this story is that these collectible dolls in boxes aren’t worth what you might think. A collector says that’s because they hold no sentimental value since people getting them have no memories of playing with them. They stayed in the box.

The most expensive widely-released Barbie doll is the Pink Jubilee Barbie from 1989. That is worth around $1,000.

The rare original Barbie from 1959 recently sold for over $27,000.

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