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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WHAT THE TECH?) — If you’ve used an iPhone for years, you may think you know all the tricks and hidden features but here are some tips for things you may not know about.

Ever needed to markup a photo or note to bring attention to something? You may try drawing a circle or square with your finger and it doesn’t go well.

In iOS 16, the iPhone will turn lousy shapes into perfect ones. Just draw a circle on a photo, screenshot, or note and hold your finger down for a second.

Use this trick to draw perfect squares, triangles, octagons, and other shapes. Perfect.

Don’t have time to respond to a text you’ve read? Swipe right and tap on a blue bubble to mark it as unread.

Send a text you wish you hadn’t? You have a few seconds to unsend it by holding down the message, choosing “more” and trashing it. The person you’re sending it to will see that you’ve deleted a text but they won’t see what it says.

You can unsend emails too. Android’s had this for a while. Hit send and you have time to change your mind. Go into settings, look for mail, and at the bottom choose to undo send delay. You can give yourself 10, 20, or 30 seconds before the email sends to give you time to undo.

Ever get an email you can’t respond to and forget about it? Swipe right to mark it as unread or and I like this, choose “remind me” in an hour, tonight, tomorrow, or another time. You’ll get a reminder notification that you should respond.

Finally, if you’d rather hear a website than read it. Tap the two “a’s” next to the address bar in Safari and then choose “listen to page”. Siri’s voice will read it to you.

Helpful when you’re busy doing something else. It works on any website, but again, only in the
Safari browser.

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