Tax assistance apps | What the Tech?

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WHAT THE TECH?) — If you’re still scrambling to meet the April 18 deadline, we have a few tax assistance apps that could help you be more ready next year.

The “Evernote” app lets you scan and save receipts using its companion “Scannable” app. Scan the receipt with your camera, give it a name and save it to a notebook in Evernote. Then, at tax time, you won’t need all that paper.

If you do need paper, just print what you need or share the PDFs with your tax preparer.

iPhone users can do this with the “Notes” app. You can take a snapshot and save it as a photo but it’s best to scan it in case you need to print it out. You can also create a receipts folder and save them there to stay organized.

Android and iPhone users, alike, can use the “Google Keep” app to save receipts and share with a preparer.

For small business owners and side hustlers, there’s “Quickbooks”. Its app and website each help you organize receipts, travel expenses, utilities, taxes and fees. Then, at tax time, you can share it all with your accountant in an email.

Many people miss deducting mileage for business, which is around 63 cents/mile. The “MileIQ” app automatically detects when you’re driving so you don’t have to remember to open it. That makes it easy to log miles as either personal or business.

Then, at the end of the year, MileIQ generates a mileage report for the IRS.

It’s easy to miss or forget qualified deductions if you don’t keep up with them during the year. If you’re ever audited, you’ll need copies of the receipts, too and you don’t need to have all that paper around.

All of these apps mentioned will do it for you.