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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WHAT THE TECH?) — Fourth of July is a big travel weekend, with over 51 million people expected to take advantage of the long holiday.

Everyone traveling all at once could cause major delays in the air and in the skies. If you plan now, a few tech gadgets and apps could make that a little more enjoyable.

Airports are going to be busy which could mean delays and cancellations. Your airline’s app can be a big help but the travel app “Flighty” is a bit better at getting you to the gate on time.

The app locates flight information from your email and begins tracking the plane even before it reaches your airport. Flighty can even predict if a flight will be on time based on inbound traffic for the previous 25 hours and airspace mandates.

You may have heard these airport charging stations are risky. While that may be true, it might not be as big of a worry as you’re led to believe. Still, it’s even better to have your own portable battery charger.

Rather than keeping up with multiple charging cables, there’s one from Anker that has USB, USB-C and lightning adapters.

These are both good for car rides too.

If kids gobble up your cellular plan, download a few things so they won’t need to connect to data and rack up roaming charges.

Download movies they want to watch from Netflix, or Amazon Same with music. Streaming video and music can eat up the data plan. Spotify, Apple, and Amazon will download songs to their phone.

Turn off TikTok and download a calming coloring book app. Mom and Dad may enjoy these too as a stress reliever.

If you’re on the road and don’t use Waze you’re possibly setting yourself up to hit a traffic jam. My experience is Waze is much better at notifying you of slowed traffic, detours and police officers than Apple Maps.

Gas Buddy can find the best gas prices on the road while iExit will tell you what’s at each exit before you reach the off-ramp.

None of these will make the weather nicer or make your plane on time or help you get there quicker. However, they can make the trip more enjoyable for you and everyone you’re traveling with.

The worst travel days will be June 29 and 30 and July 5, so plan accordingly.

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