Lobo center hopes for ‘coming out party’ in 2023-24 season

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Junior year will be his coming-out party. That’s what Lobo center Sebastian Forsling says could happen this season on the court.

“I’m just ready to get to work and show everybody that I’m not just a sunshine on the bench. I’m trying to be mean on the court as well and be something that people talk about,” Forsling said.

The Lobo 7-footer says the mental portion of the game is huge. If he gets that taken care of, he says the physical part of the game will just follow suit.

“Maintaining mental stability. Like, if it goes good, I’m not losing my head that way. And if it goes bad, I can’t lose myself again like dropping down. For me, I just have to be stable and my mind has to be clear,” Forsling said.

“For Sebastian, a lot of it is confidence. It’s my job, as a coach, to not give him false confidence, but make sure he’s feeling great out there and feeling comfortable and being fearless and he’s going to have great competition every day whether it’s Nelly, whether it’s J.T. – those are some physical dudes,” Lobos Head Coach Richard Pitino said.

Last season, Forsling’s game was full of injuries, but he says he’s 100%.

If he turns out to be a major factor for Coach Pitino, he could be the biggest transfer the Lobos get this season.