Lapel video reveals more details about what led up to NMSP Officer Darian Jarrott’s death

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — State Police lapel and dashcam footage reveals more details about what led up to the shooting that killed Officer Darian Jarrott.

On Feb. 4, Officer Jarrott pulled over Omar Cueva, who was driving a white pickup truck on I-10 near Deming. It was later revealed that Cueva was on a way to a drug deal in Las Cruces.

Jarrott: “Good afternoon, sir. My name is Darrian Jarrott. I’m with New Mexico State Police. The reason for the stop is your window tint is a little too dark.”

Cueva: [unintelligble]

Jarrott: “Yeah, mind if I open the door? Or if you want to roll down the window more.”

Officer Jarrott then noticed a gun in the vehicle, and asked Cueva if he could hold on to it for his safety. Cueva seemingly agreed, however just moments later, Cueva shot him.

Cueva proceeded to shoot Jarrott several more times, then once more in the back of the head.

Cueva sped off and was killed shortly afterwards in a gunfight with law enforcement in Las Cruces.