Stabbing spree: Victim recounts moments before getting stabbed on Central

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – A man is accused of biking down Central and stabbing nearly a dozen people at random with a buck knife.

Police say Tobias Gutierrez stabbed 11 people over the course of three hours on Sunday afternoon.

According to police documents, Gutierrez stabbed one person in the face and another guy in the neck near his spine. All of the victims survived, including the man KOB 4 ran into near UNM – who considers himself lucky because he was only stabbed in the arm.

"Basically I was smoking a cigarette, some guy, short guy, on a bicycle, comes up and ask me if I had a cigarette. I had two cigarettes left. I said, it’s my lucky cigarette," said Tyler Booher.

Booher wasn’t going to give up his lucky cigarette. He said the man on the bike then went to ask something of his friend.

"That dude went up to him, asked him for some food or some change. My friend went into the trunk to get it for him. And, I guess, he didn’t have it for him. So, the guy started going crazy on him."

That’s exactly what police described in Gutierrez’s arresting documents. They say Booher’s friend routinely keeps food and other stuff in his trunk to help out the homeless community.

Police said Gutierrez asked for money and when Booher’s friend didn’t have anything for him, things escalated.

"I seen the knife – ok? I ran out and said, go, go, go! Get out of here," Booher said.

This all went down outside The Zone, a smoke shop across the street from UNM.

"I turned around, tripped on the curb. Bam, going around and he stuck me like that. Bam,” said Booher. “Eh, six stitches. ‘Bout like that. Big ol’ buck knife."

Police said that was Gutierrez’s second stabbing of the day. The first was downtown and the next nine were all east on Central.

"There’s no bail bondsman now, supposedly in New Mexico. This guy, probably could be out within the next week or so," Booher said.

The Arnold tool – a tool judges use to decide whether or not to hold someone ahead of trial – recommends that Gutierrez be released.

There are 33 booking photos for him – more than two decades of racking up charges for drugs, burglary DWI and battery.

"Born and raised here all my life! That’s why it’s not Albuquerque – it’s Albucrazy," said Booher.

Gutierrez is in jail and is expected to face a judge Tuesday.