A closer look at the response time following shooting on UNM campus

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — There are new revelations in the investigation into the deadly shooting at UNM last month.

19-year-old UNM freshman Brandon Travis died in a shootout with former New Mexico State basketball player Mike Peake, after police said Travis created a ploy to get Peake on campus to attack him. 

Now, there’s new evidence, new responses from university officials, and also new information about how long it took for Travis to get medical attention. 

Surveillance video shows Travis shot outside a UNM dorm. The first officer, from APD, arrives more than 14 minutes later. Next, a UNM police officer pulls in, more than 15 minutes after the shooting. 

It’s not until about 23 minutes after the shots are fired that rescue crews show up. KOB 4 does not know when the first 911 call was made, but multiple witnesses said they called right after hearing the gunshots. 

UNM officials said there has been more of a police presence, including officers walking around campus housing. Some students said they have noticed the added security. 

KOB 4 asked what UNM is doing to enforce the university’s no-gun policy. A spokesperson said RA’s are trained on safety concerns, and housing staff can search a vroom if they believe it is necessary. However, UNM police need a warrant.