Alan Shoemaker: Mostly warmer day with a few showers

Alan Shoemaker: Midday Forecast | March 19, 2024

A disturbance is set to spin into New Mexico as Tuesday evening comes around. See the latest conditions at

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — If you’re a fan of snow, Tuesday will mostly be warmer but some places may not be totally out of the woods.

Western New Mexico may see some precipitation. That could happen in places like Gallup and Grants but it shouldn’t be too serious.

Speaking of snow, if you live in Clayton, you’ve seen a stout 19.6 inches of snow. Roswell has almost topped Albuquerque for snow. Roswell, you’ve seen 6 inches of snow while, Albuquerque has seen 6.1.

If you don’t like all this talk of snow, you’ll be happy to know that spring starts today at 9:06 p.m.

Until then, expect some showers in spots but mostly sun and warmer temperatures than Monday.

Meteorologist Alan Shoemaker has all the details in his full forecast in the video above.