Albuquerque man claims $3M Mega Millions prize

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — An Albuquerque man now has some big plans after claiming a $3 million Mega Millions prize earlier this week.

Paul K, a retired aerospace engineer, claimed the prize Wednesday. Last month, he bought a ticket at the Albertsons on Academy and Tramway. The New Mexico Lottery drew his ticket’s five white ball numbers and the 3x multiplier, which added up to a $3 million prize.

Lottery officials say he won $200 playing Powerball a couple of years ago on two separate tickets. They say it was because the clerk accidentally printed two of the same sets of numbers.

A few years ago, he also reportedly won $31,000 in Vegas.

Paul says he loves math and always tracks his favorite set of numbers on a spreadsheet and online. He claims he knew he’d won when he visited the lottery website to check his numbers.

“Always use the same numbers and never change your numbers,” he recommended.

With his millions in windfall, Paul says he will use the money to pay off his home, invest and share some of it with his family.