Kira Miner: Dangerously cold conditions in the east Monday

Kira Miner: MLK Day Morning Forecast

Dangerously cold wind chills and temperatures are expected in eastern New Mexico. See the latest conditions at

NEW MEXICO — Wind chill advisories and warnings are in effect in eastern New Mexico where wind chills are getting down to -15-20° Monday.

That is in places like Clayton, where the wind chill was -17° to start the day. Temperatures will only get up to 8° there. Even Tucumcari and Roy will struggle to rise above the mid-20s.

In the southeast, Roswell, you will see a big swing in temperatures this week. Temperatures ranging from 12-70° depending on the time of day, even highs will range from 35-70° this week.

Elsewhere temperatures will be more consistent. 40s and 50s are expected for most of us.

Meteorologist Kira Miner explains more in her full forecast in the video above.