Albuquerque mom speaks out after she was targeted in crime spree

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — A crime spree of carjackings and shootings a few days ago still has neighbors in the South Valley shaken. Albuquerque police said the random acts of violence were caused by teens, and the victims were just innocent people trying to get on with their day.

One woman targeted in the shootings said she is shaken up and fearful. She asked to remain anonymous.

“I went and got my food to make dinner and, on my way back, I thought I had seen a car accident,” she said.

She said she then pulled over to help when she noticed it wasn’t just a car accident.

“There were four kids, they looked like kids that were wearing masks, I was only able to see their eyes and their eyebrows, and they pulled out guns,” she said.

Next, gunshots rang out.

“I didn’t notice it had hit until my ears started ringing, and I just heard a buzzing, a loud buzzing, and from the buzzing, I was scared I got hit in the head because the front driver was the one that shot the front of my car,” she said.

Her first instinct was to go to her mother’s home nearby.

“So I called her and I was yelling at her to come outside and to check on me because I don’t know if I got hit or anything, because I couldn’t feel anything,” she said. “I almost caused a car accident myself, I almost hit the wall of a house trying to escape and making sure they weren’t behind me.”

The bullet that hit her car was inches away from where she was sitting — all while her child was in the backseat.

“I feel like something saved me that day, not only me but my daughter, she was sleeping in the back and she didn’t wake up,” she said.

She said being at the wrong place at the wrong time in Albuquerque is becoming more common. She said she called Albuquerque police twice, but an officer never arrived to take the report.

KOB 4 checked with APD, and reps said dispatch received one call from her and an officer did go to the location she provided but no one was there. Attempts to call her went unanswered, so at this moment, no police report has been filed.

Prosecutors are already arguing to keep one of the teenagers from that carjacking and shooting spree kept in jail until trial. Malachi Crockett, 18, appeared before a judge Thursday, but the decision to keep him in jail will be decided later in district court.

Crockett and two other suspects, Marc Griego, 17, and Jesus Alvidrez-Luna, 17, have all been charged with armed robbery and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.