Albuquerque police name 20 worst intersections for red-light crashes

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — As police plan to crack down on red-light runners in Albuquerque, they recently named the 20 worst intersections for red-light crashes.

Here is the full list and a map of all of the intersections:

  1. Menaul Blvd/Frontage Road North and South
  2. Second Street/Frontage West and East
  3. Coors/Montano Road N.W.
  4. Osuna/San Mateo at Frontage Roads North and South
  5. Avenida Cesar Chavez/I-25
  6. San Mateo/Montgomery N.E.
  7. All intersection Frontage Roads under I-25
  8. Lead Ave./Oak and Locust S.E.
  9. Coal Ave./Oak and Locust S.E.
  10. Martin Luther King Jr./Oak and Locust S.E.
  11. Juan Tabo/I-40 N.E.
  12. Wyoming/Central S.E.
  13. Louisiana/I-40 N.E.
  14. Second Street/Mountain Road N.W.
  15. Tramway/I-40 N.E.
  16. Coors/Dellyne N.W.
  17. San Mateo/Lomas N.E.
  18. Montano/Culture N.E.
  19. Montano/Pan American Freeway N.E.
  20. San Mateo/I-40 N.E.

Officers plan to move around to these hotspots. From April 15-28, they’ll be watching especially closely for violations and citing drivers.

Anyone busted for running a red light will be hit with an $82 fine.