APD: 14-year-old boy arrested for murder, armed robbery

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Albuquerque say multiple teens are reportedly connected to a murder and a string of armed robberies Wednesday night into Thursday morning.

The first armed robbery was reported Wednesday evening and two of the teens were arrested 17 hours later. In total, police said the crime spree included a murder, two carjackings, an attempted third carjacking, the robbery of a high schooler, and a high speed chase through Albuquerque’s West Side.

The first armed carjacking happened at Alamosa Park in southwest Albuquerque around 5:30 p.m. Wednesday. Police said four teens approached a woman and pulled out handguns and a rifle – stealing her car and phone before heading south to an apartment complex. There, police said the teens targeted a mother and her 5-year-old daughter, stealing another car.

After the second armed robbery, police said the teens drove back north towards the park, where they parked outside a house having a party. Albuquerque police said around 3 a.m. Thursday a party-goer saw the armed teens get out of the stolen cars. He pulled out his own gun, yelling at the teens to “get out of here.” That’s when the teens started shooting into the house and the party-goer fired back.

Police said 21-year-old Eddy Ortiz was caught in the cross fire, inside. He was found dead with bullet wounds when police arrived.

According to APD’s shot detection system and witnesses, more than 20 shots were fired before the teens got back in their cars and drove off.

Hours later, police said the teens attempted to steal a third car when they followed a woman into a gated parking lot and pulled guns on her. She told police she ran away screaming.

Then, around 8:30 Thursday morning, a West Mesa High School student said she was robbed at gunpoint. Three teens got away with her AirPods and cash.

Shortly after, one of the stolen cars was recognized by police and a high speed chase started southbound on Coors. It ended on Montaño, when the stolen car crashed into a cement wall.

The two teens took off on foot, putting the neighborhood – including an assisted living home – on lockdown.

“We were shutting windows making sure doors were locked and when I got to the exit of our backdoor somebody was standing right there in a red shirt,” a BeeHive Homes employee said Thursday.

Police said the teen who was the driver of the car was arrested by police shortly after the crash.

KOB 4 learned Friday the suspect was only 15 years old. Police found him with a handgun and a rifle. He is being charged with armed robbery and fleeing from an officer.

The passenger, 14-year-old Isaiah Ruiz, was also arrested after the crash. He was found with a rifle modified to be an automatic weapon. Police said the bullets in his gun matched the ones that killed Eddy Ortiz the night before. He is being charged with an open count of murder and armed robbery.

Police have yet to say whether or not they have any leads to find the other two teens who were involved.