Gun found in student’s backpack at Cibola High School

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — A student at Cibola High School is facing criminal charges and possible expulsion after officials reportedly found a gun in their backpack.

School officials confiscated the handgun from the student’s backpack. They say the student did not make a direct threat to anyone. However, the student found with the gun now faces criminal charges and possible suspension or expulsion.

Principal Kimberly Finke issued a letter to parents stating, in part:

“We want to thank those who came forward to inform us about this situation to keep our campus safe. We want to remind you to please talk with your student about the severe consequences of carrying a weapon onto a school campus and the grave dangers associated with mishandling weapons. Bringing a firearm to school is unacceptable, and anyone caught with a weapon on campus will be prosecuted.”

The principal pointed parents to a website with info on how to secure their firearms and get a free gunlock.

Albuquerque Public Schools Police is handling this investigation.

This incident comes less than a week after a teenager accidentally shot and killed another teen Friday night in the parking lot at Atrisco Heritage Academy High School.