Closing arguments end in embezzlement case of former UNM athletics director

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Jurors heard closing arguments in the embezzlement case of former UNM Athletics Director Paul Krebs Thursday. 

Krebs is accused of embezzling more than $20,000 in university funds.

The former athletics director answered questions from both the prosecution and defense on the role he played in planning a near $50,000 golf trip to Scotland in 2015. Documents show the Lobo Club paid for the trip.

Prosecutors say the former UNM Athletic Director used university money to pay for it, violating UNM policy, and breaking the law. 

Krebs admitted he was not familiar with UNM policy while making these decisions, but acted based off the guidance and expertise of his staff. 

At one point, a prosecutor asked Krebs if his entire life was based on what other people told him, or if he ever independently looked up a rule, and if he thought it would be important to look at rules when managing a large staff and n even larger budget. 

Krebs’ response was: “Yes.” He also told the court he did not believe he did anything wrong, apart from withholding information from the press. 

He added that he loves UNM, his wife still works there, and he would never intentionally cheat the university. 

After Krebs finished his testimony, the defense and prosecution gave their closing arguments.  The case went to the jury a couple of hours ago. There has been no verdict yet.