Game and Fish investigating animal dumping ground

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – We now know a little bit more about a mysterious animal dumping ground in northeast Albuquerque.

KOB 4 first told you about the spot two weeks ago. It sits near the General Mills plant, just off Paseo del Norte and Edith.

“I looked up over just this little hill, and back in this area, there had to have been at least four to five carcasses of doe deers,” said a nearby resident.  

So far, no one can say where the animal remains came from, or who may have dumped them there.

“It seems like this has been a longstanding dumping ground,” said Darren Vaughn with New Mexico Game and Fish. 

Game and Fish is investigating. Officials said a deer carcass found at the site was road kill.

“Even in cases of roadkill or death by natural causes, it is still illegal to move, handle, or possess wildlife that’s dead or alive,” said Vaughan. “Also discovered, skeletal remains from several other species, both wild and domestic.”

According to Game and Fish, it’s unclear if the dumpsite is the work of one person or multiple people. They’ll continue monitoring the area, working with other law enforcement agencies to raise awareness.

Nearby residents want the problem to stop.

“It started getting warmer, the scent started getting really bad to the point where you’d have to roll up your window because you would gag,” said a resident. 

If you have any information on this dumpsite, or any other illegal activity involving wildlife, call Operation Game Thief at (800)-432-GAME. You can also file an anonymous report online.