Kira Miner: Easy, breezy Tuesday

Kira Miner: Midday Forecast | May 21, 2024

We're seeing a mostly sunny, warm and breezy Tuesday. See the latest conditions at

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — An easy, breezy Tuesday will replace the showers and clouds that came into New Mexico late Monday.

Temperatures started in the 50s for most of us. Places like Grants, Santa Fe and Taos started in the 40s while Farmington, Gallup and Durango, Colo., started in the 30s.

On the flipside, Carlsbad started at around 72° while Roswell started at around 69°

The commute forecast looks nice. The evening will consist of mostly sunny skies and breezy conditions for most of us.

Meteorologist Kira Miner shares all the details in her full forecast in the video above.