Kira Miner: Not-as-windy Wednesday

Kira Miner: Morning Forecast | Feb. 28, 2024

Winds will thankfully die down after New Mexico replicated a wind tunnel Monday and Tuesday. See the latest conditions at

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Winds will likely be much calmer Wednesday across New Mexico and it’ll overall be a cooler day with precipitation possible in some places.

It’s also a cooler day as most places started 202-30° cooler than usual. That includes Clayton, where temperatures started 32° cooler. Carlsbad is about 29° cooler, Grants and Gallup each around 27° cooler and Farmington around 24° cooler.

We’ll see more sun and less wind but showers will still make their way into central and southern parts of our area. Some snow is possible in the Gila Wilderness and near Silver City, even.

Meteorologist Kira Miner shares more details in her full forecast in the video above.