Many places in New Mexico see first snowfall of season

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Many people in places across New Mexico experienced their first snowfall of the season, even getting to wake up to it Friday.

Sandro Johnson, of Santa Fe, sent us these before and pictures with the caption, “Snow in Santa Fe! YAY!!!”

Ray Spain, in Edgewood, sent us two pictures showing us the snow he saw in his backyard. Isabell Starr Powell also sent us a picture of the snow in Grants.

David Moore, in Eldorado, also sent us this video showing the American flag holding its own in the snowfall:

Some lazy snowflakes fell from the sky and landed as a sort of frozen, rainy slush near Montgomery and Lousiana in Albuquerque.

The forecast is calling for the wintry mix to move out so get your photos into us quickly by clicking here!