Multiple drive-by shootings leaves Albuquerque neighborhood on edge

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – People in one Albuquerque neighborhood are on edge after multiple drive-by shootings damaged houses, with the latest happening Tuesday night. 

In a shocking surveillance video, people can see shots coming from a dark SUV with multiple shooters firing toward the houses.

Now, multiple drive-by shootings at a woman’s house has left her, and others around her, shaken.

“I am pretty scared. It’s pretty terrifying.”

She will not be named due to the nature of this story. But, she says the videos show two of the three times the shooting has happened – the most recent was the previous night, around midnight. She believes it’s the same vehicle.

“I’m just angry. It’s scary.”

She says everyone in the house hit the floor each time.

“Then all of a sudden – it sounded like pops, like three pops – and then we just duck.”

In the daylight, damage can be seen in the neighborhood near Unser and Blake. More than 20 bullet holes hit one house in the garage, the front door, and a window. Some have caused damage inside her home, even ending up in a bedroom.

She believes the shooters are targeting the house next door and that the vehicles that are shot up belong to them. We knocked, but no one answered.

Albuquerque police say they’re investigating multiple shootings in this neighborhood, but did not comment on whether they have any suspects.

The homeowner says she’s thinking about leaving soon, and staying with family somewhere else.

Just a few minutes drive from that home another Albuquerque family experienced the same terror.

In early December, we spoke to the homeowner who says someone shot at their house more than 50 times in the middle of the night, leaving thousands of dollars in damages. 

APD told them whoever did this may have been targeting the home’s previous owner, or was shooting at random. 

And then, almost exactly a month ago now, a family in the northeast heights cut their vacation short to fix the damage caused by a drive-by shooting. Their home was shot at about two dozen times. 

In both of these cases, the victims say home surveillance from their homes or their neighbors’ homes didn’t show who pulled the triggers.