Police: 17-year-old arrested for murder at NW Albuquerque park

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Police say they arrested a suspect accused of shooting and killing someone last month in a northwest Albuquerque park.

Albuquerque police arrested 17-year-old Andres Herrera. Detectives reportedly arrested him Monday at his home in southwest Albuquerque.

They tracked him down using surveillance video showing the Dec. 27 shooting, license plate readers and warrants for his social media accounts.

The video allegedly showed Herrera allegedly shooting 19-year-old Damion Alday multiple times in the park’s parking lot before driving away.

Detectives say they used license plate readers to track down Herrera’s car. They also connected his car to an incident in downtown Albuquerque in November. Police say he lied about his identity during the incident but they were able to track down his real name.

In a search of his social media accounts, detectives say they found a post describing the murder.

Herrera faces charges of murder, conspiracy and tampering with evidence.