Police release new details in parking lot shooting at Coronado Mall

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – We’re learning more about the Friday shooting in the parking lot at Coronado Mall in Albuquerque. 

Police say a woman shot a woman whose car she was trying to steal. They say they arrested her right away.

KOB 4 spoke to people in that area about what they think of the recent random acts of violence in the city.

“I just moved here from Phoenix like a year ago, so it just feels like the crime is so much more heavy here,” said Gaila Sanchez. 

30-year-old Laura Tapia was arrested after allegedly shooting the driver of a car she tried to steal. Tapia was in court Saturday for the first time for the shooting. 

Lifelong locals say incidents like this give the Duke City a bad reputation. 

“I’ve grown up in Albuquerque my whole life, and this place has come to be known as a very violent place, and I find that to be so unfortunate, because I’ve learned to love this city so much,” said Dylan Foley. 

The shooting happened Friday afternoon outside Panera Bread. 

Court documents say the victim and her sister were parked outside. That’s when police say Tapia pulled out a gun and told them she needed the car.                     

People we spoke to say they’re sad to hear about another shooting. 

“Scary. Disappointing. It’s a familiar place, so when it’s so familiar, and you’ve been there many times, it’s very scary,” said Rebecca Rozell. 

According to police, Tapia shot the victim as she was getting back in the car. Police later found Tapia with a gun matching the one used.  

Some people say there are layers to shootings like this. 

“It’s such a complex issue whether that’s gun control, or mental illness. It’s so hard to understand, and to cope with as well,” said Foley. 

Tapia was out on conditions of release from a prior incident last month. That’s when police say she started a house fire while high on meth. 

She will remain in jail until her next court appearance next week. 

Police say the 22-year-old woman who was shot is getting treatment at a hospital.