Red River community reacts to deadly motorcycle rally shooting

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RED RIVER, N.M. – Community members told KOB 4 they were scared during the Red River shootout, not knowing exactly what was happening, or whether they were in danger.

However, folks were still out Sunday even though the motorcycle rally was largely over. Everyone we spoke to said a ton of people left Saturday after the shooting. 

“I was scared to be honest, we wanted to make sure all our brothers were safe. So we met up with them where our tent was to make sure everyone was safe and together,” said Marisol Flores. “There’s a lot of families and children that come to these events, and people who come to these events are like family-oriented. So it was pretty scary, I’ve never experienced anything like that before.”

Local businesses were still open, but a lot of the vendors were closed Sunday. 

The motorcycle riders themselves were enjoying the clear weather. But, they all agreed that it was very empty compared to Saturday or years in the past.

“I think the positive experience that we have is being able to see so many people enjoying themselves, and there was an incident – but like I said, I don’t want to comment on. But today everyone is having a great time, and beautiful weather and let’s have a positive day,” said Richard Romero, a bike owner.  

People KOB 4 talked to — who didn’t want to be on camera — said they’re angry that a small group of people create a bad stigma around motorcycle riders. 

New Mexico State Police are still heavily patrolling Red River and the surrounding areas Sunday night. That heavy presence is expected to continue all weekend.