Regulators seek court order to cease operations at Albuquerque dispensary

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – The New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department announced Tuesday that it has filed a petition for preliminary injunction and is seeking an order from the Second Judicial District Court to require Sawmill Sweet Leaf LLC to immediately cease and desist all cannabis-related activities. 

According to NMRLD, the business has been illegally selling out-of-state cannabis products and manufacturing cannabis extracts using volatile solvents without the proper license from the Cannabis Control Division (CCD) or permit from the Construction Industries Division’s LP Gas Bureau. 

New legislation that became effective last month allows licensing agencies to seek preliminary injunctions if a licensee does something illegal that poses a threat to public health and safety.

“A key component of compliance actions is the ability to suspend licenses immediately if they pose an immediate threat to the health, safety and lives of consumers,” said Linda Trujillo, Superintendent of the Regulation and Licensing Department. “While the licensee in question will still receive due process through a formal hearing, we can now ensure New Mexicans are protected from dangerous products or a life-threatening explosion in the interim.”    

Evidence obtained by the CCD shows that Sawmill Sweet Leaf sells out-of-state cannabis products that have not been tested in accordance with New Mexico law to ensure they do not contain dangerous contaminants. Officials say untested cannabis products pose a particular risk to qualified patients who purchase cannabis products to treat an illness and, in many cases, are immunocompromised.      

CCD compliance inspectors also have evidence that Sawmill Sweet Leaf has been operating an unlicensed closed-loop extraction system at its facility in Albuquerque, which poses a fire risk.

A hearing on the petition has not yet been set.   

Last month, the NMRLD revoked the license of a cannabis business for the first time.