Residents react to windy weather in New Mexico

Rio Rancho residents react to windy weather in New Mexico

It's not even March yet, but it's already feeling like spring in New Mexico.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – It’s not even March yet, but it’s already feeling like spring in New Mexico. 

From Los Lunas to Rio Rancho, and everywhere in between, the windy conditions picked up dust. 

“Other than just dirt in the hair, dirt on your car, other than that no it’s been alright,” said Stormi Waller, a Rio Rancho resident.

A lot of people wished they could stay inside and off the roads.

“Driving and stuff with the wind today, it’s been kind of everywhere, been shifting the cars a little bit,” said Ricki Rue, Rio Rancho resident.

Students at Vista Grande Elementary School in Rio Rancho had to stay inside a little while longer. Pick-up was delayed after administrators say a small fire behind the school came close to campus because of wind and weeds. 

A lot of children opted for indoor activities, leaving a northwest Albuquerque park vacant. But not all of them.

“The kids are out here. It’s their first practice and I think they’re excited for the season and ready to have some fun,” said Derick Romero, Rio Rancho resident.

Cibola Little League toughed out the windy conditions, holding its first practice this afternoon. As for the parents, they knew to come prepared. 

“We got layers, we got glasses, we’ll battle through it, we’ll be fine,” said Valerie Johnson, Rio Rancho resident. 

It is not over. The winds are expected to stick around through Tuesday.