Suspects arrested for fatally stabbing elderly man

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Police arrested two suspects accused of stabbing an elderly man during a confrontation last month in southwest Albuquerque.

Officers on Wednesday arrested Jesus Secatero for allegedly killing 73-year-old Fred Tapia. The next day, they arrested his brother, Antonio Secatero, for his alleged role in the murder, after he reportedly turned himself in.

An investigation found Tapia was in a truck that swerved around the brothers and a woman while they were reportedly walking in the middle of Central.

When the truck stopped at a nearby parking lot, the brothers allegedly walked up to the truck and confronted the people inside.

One of the brothers reportedly kicked the passenger, knocking him down. The other brother was allegedly armed with a knife, which they used in the ensuing fight.

The fight ended when a Good Samaritan saw what was going on and fought off the suspects. However, police found the people in the truck sustained multiple stab wounds to their chest.

One of them was Tapia, who died at the hospital from his wounds. No word on the condition of the other victim.