Suspect in fatal West Side shooting to remain behind bars

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – 18-year-old Jorge Luevano faced a judge virtually Wednesday, almost two weeks after prosecutors say he murdered another teen in a West Side neighborhood.

“The defendant has demonstrated himself to be an individual who was dangerous to every single person in this community,” said Christine Jablonsky, a prosecutor.  

Prosecutors say Luevano and another teen suspect shot and killed 18-year-old Adrian Porras in his car.

Albuquerque police say social media evidence showed Porras was there to buy marijuana from the suspects. Prosecutors used the same evidence to tie Luevano to the scene.

“He’s not only posting photos in the area of the homicide, he’s posting photos of the vehicle, both the outside of the vehicle and the inside of the vehicle. And then he’s posting photos of a firearm in his hand which is consistent with casings that are located,” said Jablonsky.  

On top of that, prosecutors revealed Luevano was wearing a GPS ankle monitor at the time of murder. Something he was ordered to wear after a previous shooting incident – which was his second strike with the courts at the time.

“He was on probation, twice, essentially within the Children’s Court,” Jablonsky said.  

They argued this alleged third strike should be enough to keep Luevano behind bars before trial.

“We do understand that the defendant is very young, he’s 18 years old. However, the court will see not only does he pose an extreme danger to the safety of the community, but the courts have already tried conditions of release and have been unsuccessful,” said Jablonsky. 

Luevano’s attorneys argued self-defense during the hearing, and said it was the other suspect who shot and killed Porras. 

Judge Britt Baca-Miller says the evidence speaks for itself.

“I am going to grant state’s motion for preventative detention considering the violations of the other conditions of release. I think there’s indication that the state has shown by clear and convincing evidence that he’s not able to comply with conditions of release,” said Baca-Miller.