Victim of gym theft shares her story to raise awareness

Victim of gym theft shares her story to raise awareness

An Albuquerque woman is accused of stealing from people while they're working out at the gym. Now, one of her alleged victim's is telling us what happened to her.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – An Albuquerque woman is accused of stealing from people while they’re working out at the gym. 

Police are looking for 43-year-old Angelique Silva. They say she has again been going into women’s locker rooms at a few local fitness centers, and stealing personal items that aren’t locked up.

Police say she’s stolen at least four vehicles. 

Back in 2018, investigators say Silva and Joel Garcia stole two vehicles from a gym. Garcia was sentenced to 18 months. Silva was in DOC custody through April 2023.

Now, one of her alleged victims is telling us what happened to her. 

Hannah Garcia says it was a typical day in December 2023 when she and her boyfriend went to Crunch Fitness on Juan Tabo and Lomas.

“I was, you know, coming in to do my workout per usual. I take my boyfriend’s car because I didn’t feel like driving that day, you know, it was crazy,” said Garcia. 

After she finished her work out, she came back to the locker, only to find just her purse.

“We get out around like four, five at the latest. And I was going through my purse, I was like, ‘Wait, my key fob is gone, my wallet is gone, my wallet holder is gone. They stole my birth control out of my purse,’” Garcia said. 

Garcia says she didn’t have a lock at the time. 

After her things were stolen, she looked at her bank account.

“The first transaction that showed up on my bank account was at that gas station right there. They spent 20 bucks filling up whatever car that they stole from the parking lot that wasn’t mine, because I didn’t have mine, thank God,” said Garica. 

She also traced transactions to a smoke shop down the road.

Garcia was able to get this surveillance video from the owner. In it, you can see Silva trying to purchase hundreds of dollars worth of products.

Garcia says the card Silva was trying to use and the keys Silva is holding were both hers.

Garcia was able to get her money back by filing a dispute with her bank, but other items that were stolen aren’t so easily replaceable.

“I was really mad like, because that was the only key I had to my car. So I had to spend basically money I didn’t have to go get a new key, you know, and then I had to get all my cards again. And I had pictures in my wallet that I can’t really replace,” said Garcia. 

She says she wanted to share her story to raise awareness.

“In Albuquerque, there’s a lot of crime. People just need to be aware that like they see her like, you know, know that she’s a criminal, and she needs to be brought to justice,” said Garcia. 

Garcia did file a report with the Albuquerque Police Department and handed over the surveillance video. She told KOB 4 she hasn’t gotten any update from them. 

She and her boyfriend still go to the gym, but now she makes sure she always has a lock with her.

Police are still looking for Silva. If you see her or know where she could be, call 505-242-COPS.