Video: 2 bystanders injured, suspect killed in police shooting

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – New video is showing a fatal shooting that put four officers on leave for several weeks. Albuquerque police walked us through what happened the night of June 29.

The shooting happened after police responded to a 911 call of a stabbing at a McDonald’s off of Lomas and San Pedro around 9:30 p.m..

Police say a man picked up the suspect, 25-year-old Jeramiah Salyards, and wanted to help him by buying dinner. The driver told police it’s something he’s done for others.

Then, according to police, the suspect reached over said, “Sorry,” and stabbed the driver. Video shows him running away fast from the scene.

Nearly two and a half hours later, officers found the suspect was down the road on Lomas and Louisiana.

Officers say he matched the description of holding a colored knife and wearing a pink-like backpack.

Lapel video shows a man in blue and another in yellow near Salyards in all black. The suspect is moving toward them and police say he was holding his knife up when they opened fire.

The man in the blue goes down first, followed by Salyards.

Police say the bystanders received non life threatening injures, but that doesn’t mean non life-altering. 

Police told KOB 4 one person was struck once by gunfire and released from the hospital that night. As for the man who went down before the suspect did, he was shot multiple times with serious injuries, and he is still recovering in the hospital.

The suspect had a history of stabbing people. Police say Salyards was released from prison in May.

He was convicted for stabbing a city bus driver back in 2020, and had just finished serving a three-year sentence before the stabbing at the McDonald’s.

APD’s Force Review Board is investigating the shooting. 

Medina says they are looking into how things are handled when pursuing suspects in crowded areas.

“I think we do have to look to see if there’s changes we need to make to ensure there is one clear order that is being given to individuals,” said Medina. 

Medina also stressed another issue he has with this case. It’s the fact that Salyards had been out of prison for only two months following a previous stabbing in which he sent someone else to the hospital.

The chief made it clear those kinds of sentences for violent offenders – like Salyards –  put everyone in more danger.

“You stabbed a city bus driver, and you go to jail for three years – I just want that to sink in with the community,” said Medina. 

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