Video shows police fatally shoot suspect inside El Mezquite Market

[anvplayer video=”5185839″ station=”998122″]

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – 41-year-old Mark Peter led police on a chase that ended in the crowded El Mezquite Market on 98th St. in northwest Albuquerque.

In June, Peter was found in a car passed out parked at the AutoZone across the street from the market. That’s where the video shows police giving Peter several chances to come out peacefully. Instead, he drove off in his car. 

Lapel video shows APD officers using stop sticks to puncture Peter’s tires. Minutes later video shows officers running after him into the El Mezquite Market. 

APD says two officers tried to tase Peter, but Peter pulled out a gun and started shooting at them. That’s when officers started shooting at Peter as he shot back. 

Store surveillance video showed a bird’s eye view of what happened, and how quickly things escalated. 

Several people were at checkout lines when Peter ran inside. 

APD says the officers involved made sure to fan out in an almost U-shape. That was to ensure no innocent bystanders were hit. 

APD Chief Harold Medina says because of that, no one else was hurt in the market. 

“Officers had to make quick decisions, and it was very chaotic with the amount of individuals that are involved, and the fact that they’re taking into account the citizens who are in the location of the subject who was armed and fired,” said Medina. 

APD says Peter was under the influence, but it’s still under investigation what substance he had in his system at the time.

This is the second time Peter was involved in an incident like this. 

According to APD, the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department responded to a similar call of Peter passed out in his car. That was back in April, and he was arrested without incident. 

Peter later died from his injuries from the El Mezquite shooting.

The four APD officers involved are not back to full duty just yet.