Even more Father’s Day tech gift ideas | What the Tech?

Even more Father’s Day tech gift ideas | What the Tech?

Here are even more ideas for Father's Day for the tech-focused dad in your life.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (WHAT THE TECH?) — Technology is a pretty good bet when shopping for Father’s Day gift ideas so we have even more tech gift ideas for the dad in your life.

If Dad doesn’t already have a pair of blue-light-blocking glasses, they make excellent gifts and ease the strain on his eyes. You can find them with prescription strength, or readers.

And when it comes to computer screens, dad probably needs an upgrade. Desktop computer monitors are much improved over just the past few years. Wide-screens, curved screens.

Viewsonic loaned me this 34″ wide and curved computer monitor that allows me to open multiple programs at the same time. It’s 4K, has a USB-C charging port, speakers. He can also connect it to multiple devices like phones and tablets.

If dad travels a lot he’d enjoy a portable computer monitor. Viewsonic loaned me one of its latest models that connects to laptops, tablets, and phones. The 16″ Color Pro is an OLED monitor of the highest quality on the market. It can charge a device as it extends the desktop. These are great for dads who’d like, or need to have more than one program up at a time. It weighs about 2 pounds and comes with a cover to protect the screen.

And for his TV screen, the Nanoleaf 4D light strip can enhance his movie-watching or gameplay. The lightstrip attaches to a camera that points at the screen. As the movie or game plays, the lightstrip mirrors or syncs to colors on the screen to give it a more immersive look. All of it is controlled by Apple or Google Home, Alexa, or his smartphone.

Dad may spend most of his waking hours looking at a screen so he’ll be happy to see these gadgets on Father’s Day.

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