Ruidoso church miraculously spared from wildfires

Ruidoso church miraculously spared from wildfires

One Ruidoso pastor and business owner is definitely counting his blessings.

RUIDOSO, N.M. — One Ruidoso pastor and business owner is definitely counting his blessings.

The ArcGIS map shows the fire perimeter went around the Abundant Life Church where he is a pastor. There was a hole in the exterior wall that scorched the wood – but stopped before going any further.

Pastor Nate Dunn saw it for himself when officials let him back in briefly Thursday. What he saw was nothing short of a miracle.

“I went straight to the church, saw the building was still standing. I didn’t notice the hole until I walked around the back and there the hole was. And I got to looking and went wow ‘I don’t know how this stopped,'” Dunn said. “I walked into the building and noticed there was some water all over the ground. The carpet had kinda gotten wet and I put two and two together that someone was standing there and filled this hole with water.”

Dunn also owns Bonita River Services, an HVAC and plumbing business in Ruidoso. That business was spared too.

But, officials told him it’s going to be another 7-10 days before anyone can get back in. That means no money coming in.

To make up for that and ensure his workers can still get by without leaving Ruidoso, he has started a fund.

“That will let the guys go to work and we’ll pay the guys out of that account, separate from Bonita River Services and straight to the guys working on the cleanup. And that will allow them to stay in town instead of leaving,” Dunn said.

His business is also donating a one-ton panel truck, a tractor, trailers and other items to the ongoing efforts. They’re hoping to help people who may not have help from friends and family.

To schedule a cleanup, you can call either 575-630-1915 or 575-937-3273. If you’d like to donate, click here.