Alec Baldwin’s charges dropped without prejudice in ‘Rust’ case

SANTA FE, N.M. — Prosecutors in the “Rust” shooting case formally dropped charges against Alec Baldwin without prejudice Friday.

Prosecutors Kari Morrissey and Jason Lewis dropped the charges Friday. They stated newly revealed facts and evidence demanded further investigation and analysis, which couldn’t be completed before the May 3 preliminary hearing.

The dismissal without prejudice means prosecutors can file charges against Baldwin if it’s appropriate. Prosecutors said the investigation is active and ongoing.

Response of attorney Gloria Allred to new developments in ‘Rust’ criminal case:

“No matter what happens in the criminal case in New Mexico which was filed against Alec Baldwin, we are committed to proceeding with our civil lawsuit on behalf of our clients. We represent Mamie Mitchell, the former script supervisor for “Rust.”  In addition, we represent Halyna’s mother Olga Solovey, Halyna’s father Anatolii Androsovych, and Halyna’s sister Svetlana Zemko.”