Following the arrest of another BCSO deputy, sheriff speaks out

Following the arrest of BCSO deputy, sheriff speaks out

Bernalillo County Sheriff John Allen was very candid Tuesday about how upset he is and that a culture change needs to happen.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — At a news conference Tuesday, Bernalillo County Sheriff John Allen had strong words for the most recent BCSO deputy who was arrested. Daniel Vazquez-Moreno is facing DWI and battery charges for allegedly getting in a fight with his girlfriend.

Rio Rancho police say Vasquez-Moreno allegedly took off in his truck when they arrived.

Vazquez-Moreno is now on administrative leave, and he’s not the only one.

“I was even more disappointed on other off-duty deputies on scene and how they responded to law enforcement, and they did not hold themselves to a higher standard of being professional with another law enforcement agency or their personnel,” Allen said.

The sheriff added that administrative leave isn’t a vacation for deputies.

“If I allow you to do an administrative investigation, I will put you away, away from sworn personnel, and you’re basically a paper pusher,” Allen said.

Allen confirmed that former deputy Adrienne Seay has resigned from the department. She’s charged with DWI after admitting to drinking before getting behind the wheel early on Jan. 1.

Then there’s Michael Borecco, a BCSO detective who was arrested in January at a gas station in Albuquerque. Police say he was drinking in the parking lot in his unmarked BCSO unit and threatening to shoot people.

Borecco is still on administrative leave as well.

The sheriff says he’s putting a huge emphasis on helping deputies before things get violent.

“If you don’t cultivate a culture for them to address their problems in a healthy way, we will fail as an agency, and we are failing the communities and our deputies as a whole,” Allen said.

The sheriff says the off-duty conduct issues are something he’s going to be taking a hard look at to address. He added that things like a more thorough hiring process could help make early warning signs more apparent and get addressed before it escalates.